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I was coming down the mountain, 2nd track on this line, nice 10" layer of fresh powder but just enough to mask the narrow cat track that I have hit a thousand times this season. It caught me a little off guard but I thought I was ok so I spun around for a little fun 180..... I landed on my back leg, which is normally my from leg, on a very steep angle. My leg compressed like I was doing a gnarly tail butter and I heard a few pops and cracks.

I must say that i have always had a high pain threshhold so it may hurt more, i just dont feel much pain. I sat there for a few minutes strapped in and it didn't feel broken, just sprained. I tried to ride down but that hurt..... I unstrapped and walked about 1/4 mile but I couldnt put my weight on that leg anymore without lots of pain. I must have had 25 skiers and 5 boarders pass me by without a word.... My son saw me in the distance from the lift so he came to see what was up, I asked him to ride down for ski patrol, he did, they responded quickly. They got the call as he got on the lift, the patrol was there before he got off the lift.

I got the toboggan ride down, smoother than I though it would be, and had them release me. I told my son to keep riding and I drove home thinking it was a bad sprain still. The patrollers knew me and let me go...... After driving home I took my boot off and examined myself. I could feel my bones grinding in my hand and serious instability in my ankle.

I called one of the surgeons I work with and he saw me immediately in his office. Xrays confirmed a broken fibula and torment ligaments in the ankle due to the spread and poor spacing where the tibia and fibula meet at the ankle. He recommended surgery to fixate the ankle and avoid long term instability because it would heel but it would heel poorly without the surgery. The fibula is a self heeling bone but both injuries are non weight bearing injuries to heel. I told him I would just have the surgery that day and get it over with.

I had our anesthesia give me a block and just sedate me rather than general anesthesia. Survey was awesome, couple screws later and it's. Fixed...

Vail ski patrol was awesome and so was my crew at the hospital along with the surgeon.... Just one of those risks you have to expect if you choose to do these kinda sports... Or anything really.... At least I don't have to say I broke it falling off a curb.....
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