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Honestly your story is pretty much how I found out that my boots were too big.

Last season was my first season back in over 4 years and I went on a gear buying spree with no information other than I wanted what looked cool. I ended up buying a pair of size 11 Ride Strapper Keepers (only size they had, the only pair I tried on, and were on sale) and they were sooooo comfortable. The thing was that they felt really bulky on my feet but I just chalked it up to them being boarding boots and me being out of the game for awhile. After my first couple of days riding I was really getting upset with where my skill level had gone as I felt like I could barely control my board in any form (but I was fucking comfortable). A few more trips later and there was just something wrong and I finally realized that it was not me.

After some research I figured my boots were too big and went off to the local shop. I tried on every boot that I could fit my feet into and lemme tell you how dumb I felt. Almost every boot I tried on fit better and most of them were just as comfortable as the Rides. I ended up downsizing from an 11 to a 10, from Ride to Salomon, and it was easily the best gear decision I have made to this day. The first time on the snow with my new boots felt like a miracle. My board finally was doing what I was telling it to do with my feet and I felt in complete control.

Once you have boots that actually fit, and are comfortable you are in for a super treat.

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