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Default A good pair of gloves?

I've seen the glove thread here, and it was just way too many brands and models to sift through, so sorry if this is a repeat.

My first question is to get gloves or mittens? I've had much warmer experiences with mittens, but they are a bit annoying to take off on the lift and do other things. I would want gloves, but on a 10 degree (maybe less) night on the local hill when they were making snow, my fingers were frozen even in my dad's fancy gore-tex gloves that he had gotten off of an end-of-season sale. I'm afraid that any glove I get will still leave my fingertips frozen.

Also, which models are good to get? I would love to get some POW or Dakine gloves with thinner materials that would make them awesome for moving around, but even with the reviews, I'm shaky on them. I was going to get the Burton Gore-Tex mitts, but I've heard good and bad on them. My budget is $100 and under, since I'm sure I have to get some nice gloves for my cold fingers.


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