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Originally Posted by ShredLife View Post
lol thanks.. although there probably aren't a lot of people out there with as little respect for the human race as i have... i think humans have put too much emphasis on the sanctity of human life, and if you're a piece of shit you should just be killed.

i can be kind of a cold-hearted sonofabitch sometimes
I fail to see flaw in this logic haha. When people do harm against children and animals, that is where I red-line.

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Totally agree with shredlife and as I said in the Penn State thread, I would put a full metal jacket 9MM round from my Sig right into Sandusky`s forehead without any remorse for sodomizing 10 year old boys in the shower. As for that sack of shit Joe Paterno; rot in hell!
I didn't follow the thread (read only the first couple of pages) so I might have missed that. No worries, Wolfie; I know you're that kind of good guy, too

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Wouldn't you if the sick son of a bitch had done that to you?

And people like Cheeseforsteez can`t understand how I could "in cold blood" pull a trigger and blow someone like this away...
So, this might be TMI, but I feel it's important to share. I personally know men and women this kind of shit has happened to, when they were children (could be why it's red-line territory to me). And I will say, it has fucked them up in so many ways then and throughout their lives. It's not something someone can just get over - it stays with a person and carries deep levels of trauma.

I didn't read the entire article that was linked, but I can understand where the author is coming from. It seems like a reasonable reaction to the glorification of the death/life of some asshole pos who could have prevented this from happening to a kid (or many kids).

I agree that he should rot in hell.

Side note/slight rant: So Saturday night I was at my local hill with a friend. We were in the rental shop; I was using their counter and Philips head to fix my friend's rental set up he picked up elsewhere (he told them he was regular when he's goofy, so I had to switch the bindings and set up a better stance and angles for him; they were old Flows and I've never used Flows so it was taking me awhile to figure them out and that damn top web didn't lift up!). Anyway, while we were in the shop, the news broke. A young kid working the rental counter said he was "so devastated, was such a Penn State/Joe Pa fan," he felt he "couldn't be at work." Yeah. So I pipe up with "Fuck him" "that fucker deserves to rot in hell" etc, etc. (I used to work in the trucking industry and can "swear like a trucker" when needed haha) I wasn't obnoxious but vocal. My friend was embarrassed I think. Wtf are people thinking?!
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