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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post

Small world; I am a trucker. Specifically a gas tanker driver.
Ha, yeah I know...I've noticed a few of your posts around here I worked for a van line for about 5 years, in relo specifically. I've had many friends who were/are drivers and dated a couple as well (even lived with one for a long time). So I'm "fluent" in swearing like a trucker. Once, I convinced one of the guys I dated to let me drive his fully loaded Kenworth was fun, but when I saw him trembling and beginning to perspire, I suggested we swap seats

Originally Posted by Snowolf
I am pretty easy going about most things and always tend to be of the opinion that there are two sides to a story and people make mistakes that get them with the wrong crowd or a crime of passion, blah blah blah. When it comes to people who harm kids; I have zero tolerance!! I too have personally seen what this shit does to a person mentally. They carry the mental scars for the rest of their lives. I am also pretty intolerant with people who abuse animals. Not a bleeding heart liberal here; I hunt and fish and kill wildlife for food, but sickos who torture and abuse animals for the fuck of it are right next to child abusers in my book.
I am the same way; couldn't agree more.

Apart from not being a hunter (I'm vegan, actually). But my dad (now deceased) used to bow hunt, and like you, hunted and fished only for food, not sport. He never took a shot that wasn't spot on - he didn't want to hit the deer and take the chance it would suffer from a poor shot. I used to track with him when I was a little girl and he taught me to fish. I'm a hell of a fisherman as a result, but don't fish anymore, not even catch and release. I'm a pretty good shot, too, but that could be genetics lol.

Anyway, the reason I mention that is because although my beliefs are different than someone elses, I respect their right to their choice (vegan vs hunter, for example). All that goes out the window and the rules change when someone does intentional, torturous harm to an animal or child. I'm right there with ya, just have yet to get my gun permit lol.

Sorry for going OT, but it is a small world. And, for the record, I have yet to see compelling enough evidence to prove that CheeseForSteeze is in fact, not a cyborg Just kidding, Cheese (if you happen to be on here) Take it as a compliment, as you seem to be rather intellectual.
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