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TR: Kicking Horse 2012

(Kicking Horse is the mountain located in the town of Golden, British Columbia. Right along the provincial border of Alberta and British Columbia. Its 1.5hours drive from Banff and 2hours drive from Revelstoke)

Ever since i was a volunteer for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games I have been doing a yearly 10day snowboarding trip out west chasing for my drug of choice, white powder

SIDE NOTE: At the end of the olympics I was able to sneak in and watch the gold medal hockey game where Canada beat the USA in overtime for the gold medal, you can read the detailed trip report on how I snuck in here :

How I snuck into the Gold medal hockey game

So 3 years ago, after the olympics I went to Whistler for 2weeks and it was my first time riding a REAL mountain (not the shitty speed bumps we have out east..). It was mind blowinly awesome, even if it didnt snow for the whole 2weeks.

Last year me and a buddy did a 12 day trip where we landed in Calgary, rented a car then drove to Banff. We rode Lac Louise and Sunshine then drove 6hours north to Revelstoke where we rode there for a few days. After that we went to Kicking Horse to finish our trip. It was a amazing trip, we had tons of fun but again it was clear blue skies for the whole 12 days and I didnt have any powder days We found our powder thoough, but it was at the cost of 30 minutes hikes to reach it.

This year me and another buddy came to Kicking Horse only for 10 days. This mountain is just sick. I am always pushing myself and looking for challenges when riding so this super steep and super dangerous mountain is just the pure nuts for me.

Here is a trip report so far..

I wake up friday morning at 4am eastern. Excited as hell of course!! Flight leaves from Montreal at 7am so I grab a cab at 4:50am and I am on my way to the airport. The flight is from MTL to Toronto where I am meeting up with my buddy who left from Ottawa.

On the flight from Toronto to Calgary I am anxious to get my drinking on ! Flight leaves at 9am from Toronto and at about 9:25 the hostests do their first run, asking the passengers if they want a snack. I reply '' I want beer!!'' She says they cant serve any since its not even 10 am yet... fine Ill take some snacks. A few minutes later she comes back and offers '' Juicy or water?'' I reply '' BEER!!'' to which she replies that its still not 10am . Fine, ill have some water.

A short time later I get up, go to the bathroom and on my way out ask the hostests that I would like 2 beers since its for sure past 10am now. She tells me I can only have one and I snap-counter saying the other is for my buddy. I go back to my seat and they deliver the 2 beers to which my buddy replies that its too early for him to drink. What a noob. I empty those 2 beers in under 20 minutes. Short time after that the hostests goes by again and I ask for another 2 beers , 1 of which my drinks. WE then have another round and by the time that is finished we land in Calgary at 11:30am local time.

We rent our car and hit up a Future Shop to buy some extra batteries and memory cards for our GOPROs (he has a GOPRO and I just got the GOPRO2). After future shop we stop at a pita pit to eat. The girl asks me what I want and I reply '' Do you serve beer??'' She doesnt answer and just looks at me weird. Fine I knew thye prolly didnt have beer but hey doesnt hurt to ask. We eat our pita and make our way to our buddy Mathieu`s place in Calgary.

Mat works until 5pm so we drop the car off at his place around 1:30pm and make the 10 minute walk to Local002, a pub located across the street from the university. Expecting to find the place packed with students on a friday afternoon, we enter the nice looking pub only to find it completely empty. wtfz? The waitrice informs us that university is still on break and it only resumes on the next monday! BAD BEAT!

We start ordering pitchers and make some small talk with the waitrice. They have a jenga game so we play a coupel rounds of that while downing the pitchers. Mat shows up at 5:30pm and we are about 4 pitchers deep, both of us completely drunk. Mat moved out there 2 years ago for his enginering job so we are happy to see him! He drives us back to his place where he grabs his gear and we meet his beautiful 10month old baby girl named Celeste.

7pm and we are on the road for Kicking Horse!! Obviously he is driving cause me and Adam are both very drunk. He tells us some pretty crazy stories about his work and the parties they have. His eventual job will be posted in Montreal and he is gonna be part of the sales team for his HVAC company. One of his roles will be to entertain clients . . . . he tells us crazy baller stories about his coworkers and how they entertain their clients.... most of these stories include escorts, golfing and lots of booze. One of the more memorable stories is where his coworker took out some clients golfing. They bought the 2 timeslots before and after them so they would have the greens to themselves.. and stories about the escorts giving BJs on the golf course etc etc etc Such crazyness!

1hour later on the road we stop in Canmore to buy some booze. Inspired by the baller stories he has been telling us (and certainly the booze as well) I decide to buy a bottle of Patron for our trip! We also fill up road rockets with some vodka-redbull for the last 2hours of the drive. Me and Adam were getting kinda tired and Mat was very adamant that he wants to drink and party it up when we get to Kicking Horse, especially since we havent seen him in a long time and he has to go back to work monday and is only staying with us for 2 days (hes coming back thsi weekend too tho). Drinking our vokda-reds we are back in the party mode and full of energy!

We get to KickingHorse at 11pm and the first thing we do when we get there...


Our hotel room is actually one of the best available in Kicking Horse, we have our own private hottub with a view of the mountain and ski-in-ski-out from the hill. We have 2 seperate rooms, a pullout couch that sleeps 2 easily, a full kitchen and a washer/dryer as well. This place is pimped out. When we booked this trip in november, I was coming off my best poker week ever (up 60K in that week) so I did not care for the costs of things. I also dont really care for luxury and I dont mind staying the week in a standard hotel. I tell my buddy its up to him to decide how much he wants to spend on lodging and he snap-answers he wants to stay at the best place possible. Nice.

So after the shots of patron Mat's buddy Bruno shows up. They are both crashing at our place for the weekend. What do we do when Bruno shows up?


After that we go chill in our hottub while drinking coronas. Ahhh this is the life!!

2AM (4am eastern) rolls around and we go to sleep since we have 2 full days of riding ahead of us!

For those that arent keeping track, me and my buddy Adam were up 24hours that day and spent 18 of them drinking. Pretty sure that a new record for myself and a great way to start the trip!

Mat, Adam and myself ride together saturday while Bruno works as a ski patrol. He was hoping it would be quiet so he could ride a part of the day with us but there were many injuries and lots of avalanche control to be done so we didnt see him all day.

Im obviously hung over as fuck and the hikes and intense runs obviously dont help. I can feel the redbull exiting my body via my sweating and its not a good feeling. But I trooper it out and follow my friends who are apparently not hungover.. wtf those bastards. 1pm rolls around and we decide to break for lunch and then hottub break. By that point I am near dying. I chug tons of water and then chill in the hottub. After eating a tiny bit of sushi (like 3pieces cant handle more) and chillin in the hottub I feel much better! We go back for more riding and hiking and find some epic powder lines slightly out of bounds and no avalanches! weeee

Saturday night was spent at a pub on the hill called Winston`s (used to be called Local Heroes which imo is a much better name). The main attraction at Winston is what I call MEGA JENGA. Basically its jenga with 2x4s lol. The piles get up to 5feet high and the noise it makes when the jenga blocks come crashing down is loud and awesome. We challenge the nearby table and our buddy Mat represents us eastcoasters well and wins the game for us by playing like a champ. Good job Mat, atta teach those cocky Albertans a lesson!

Im pretty tired that night and basically just sat back in my chair and enjoyed the show.

Sunday Bruno takes off from his patroling duties and rides with us, showing us the cool spots around the mountain. Adam ended up getting pretty drunk at Winstons that night and he is very hung over that morning. Im feeling great and loving the payback from the previous day hehe. After 2 runs, Adam bails and goes to the room. After 3 runs, Mat bails and waits for us at the restaurant (his legs couldnt take it) while me and Bruno do another run before joining him. We miss our scheduled meetup with Adam of 2pm at the gondola and to Adam's credit after his 45min nap and short hottub session he went out for another 3-4 runs by himself in the afternoon. Trooper!

Once the day is over... SHOTS OF PATRON! And some more hottubing and we say goodbye to Mat and Bruno who have to drive back to Calgary to work the next day.

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