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Later me and Adam end up going to Winstons that night and mingle with people who are there as well. I end up being recruited into a game of pictionary and do a good job at guessing and a horrible job at drawing. Midnight rolls around and this crew of guys is calling on everyone to join them at their cottage for some more drinking and after partying. Im pretty drunk already and obv not gonna say no to partying with strangers. I love strangers. Unfortunately, the other crew did not join us so we end up 6 guys playing a rolling the dice drinking game. I get peer-pressure into drinking some whiskey-redbull (ok ok didnt take that much convincing) and kept drinking and stumble home at 3am. I did make friends with Joe the local and he promises to show us all the great hidden gems on the mountain and ride with us on tuesday. BINK , always great to have local guides with you for riding I take down his number and show him the phone, he confirms I have the correct number.

Monday was a day off, we went downtown did some groceries and reloaded our supllies of beer. I try contacting Joe but apparently I have the wrong number. Damn drunkeness. I spend the afternoon dozing off and reading Duhamel`s poker book (good read btw). We go to sleep early monday night.

BOOOOM IT SNOWED A TON ON MONDAY NIGHT. POWDER INC WEEEEEEEEEEEE Tuesday me and Adam go riding and I have my best day of riding ever. Mountain is near empty (middle of the week), full of powder and full of steepness. OHH YEAHHH.

I am motivated to do some more drinking and partying but after a couple beers realize I am way too tired so we abort that plan and go to bed early expecting to ride wednesday.

Wednesday rolls around and me and Adam wake up and both our upper bodies are just destroyed. I guess riding all that powpow was harder then we thought! We are super sore so decide to take the day off from riding. So having nothing to do that day.....


I call the front desk in a effort to find Joe. The guy who answers the phone knows him and confirms with me that I have his correct number but not the area code. I call up Joe and he says that its a staff party at Winstons... back to Winstons we go!!

We get there and right away the manager says its a private party, only people that work for the property management company are supposed to be there. Manager however lets us stay, WOOT! Lots of drinking, lots of MEGA JENGA, some dancing and a great night is had by all! My buddy also managed to bring back a aussie hottie to our hottub! We all chill in there for a bit and I go crash while they stay in the hottub and she ends up spending the night with him. w00tw00t at least 1 girl will have been in our hottub!

I did lost my cell last night so once again I lost Joe's number. Luckily I bumped into him at the lodge today so he wrote it down on a paper (3rd time i get his number in 3days, lol) and showed me on the map the sweet spots of the mountain. Thanks Joe!

Today is thursday and we are both hungover as fuck. Not much fresh powpow left on the mountain so I only do a couple runs and call it a day. I did eat a massively huge poutine tho, that was good

So now its almost 6pm and about to start drinking again. We are going to eat at Winstons then off to the only club in 'downtown' Golden, BC. The whole downtown is like 8 streets, lol but apparently its bumpin in the club on thursdays so we are going to check it out!

Ill try to post some pics later, but here is a funny vid of me and Mat doing a

SHOT OF PATRON, obv. (he is the one that gets pwnd and you guys get to see my sexy chest, hahah)

Obv still a noob on this forum and cant embed.. here is the link

Spent friday staying in and watching the PCA Final table live (poker tournament) and taking it easy. We are going heliboarding saturday so me and my buddy are pretty pumped for it. Nighttime comes around and im like fuck it im rested etc im going out to party. My buddy is like fuck that I want to be well rested for saturday and at 9pm he goes to bed (but apparently was too excited to sleep for hours hahaha). At the same time, I start getting ready to go out. I figure I will drive down to town and hang out at the bar for 1-2hours and come back early enough to get enough sleep for saturday. Driving also insures that I wont be drinking either. Great plan! I drive to the main lodge before going to town to ask some questions about checkout. The guy helping me then asks if I am going downtown tonight and if so there is a shuttle leaving now to that brings you to the bars and then back at 1am. Sweet, dont have to drive! So much for not drinking.....

1AM: Im drunk having a great time with all these strangers I just met. Fuck the shuttle Ill take a cab later.
4AM: I stumble home drunk and go to bed. Great, we are waking up in 3hours to go do a sick day of heliboarding and im drunk as fuck lol

‎99% of my trip was pure amaze-balls. Here is the 1%:

After HELIBOARDING all day on 3 hours of sleep, my good friend MAT joins us at the hotel at around 8pm. I am tired as fuck but he is in mega-party-mode. We drink up (he drinks some half-glasses of patron.. like a pro (not through his nose hehe) and we go out looking for food.

Both bars on the hill are closed so we have to go down to Golden to eat and one a waitress is nice enough to give us a ride. We eat some delicious pizza and go chill in the dance club for a bit, waiting on the shuttle back up.

Im a total zombie not being able to do anything properly or follow most conversations. We sit down at a table near the dancefloor.... and...

A BREAK CIRCLE starts! Ahh shit. I tie my shoes, ready to put on a good show (used to breakdance alot when i was 19 and still do from time to time when music is good enough.. but my form is not the same as 10years ago). I get up but sit back down, im so tired how can i possibly breakdance. DJ plays some better music and I cant stop myself so I go for it.

I enter the circle and decide to 'tease' the crowd by being shitty at first and ramping up the awesomeness bit by bit. While ramping up i realize im fucking tired and this is just not gonna work. Next thing I know the circle doesnt exist anymore... !!?!?!?!

I fucking broke the breakdancing circle cause I was so bad

Oh well, it was still the best day of my life.

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