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This is EXACTLY the stuff I was looking for. I just want to make sure that I am not the person that everyone is bitching about and pissing off others or looking like an idiot newbie. I generally don't hear people calling out stuff in the park I ride around and I know folks have mentioned that before so I wasn't exactly sure what we are supposed to call out or be doing. I also don't see many waiting till the person has cleared and is totally out of the way before going, so I just don't want to pick up bad habits by observing others. I also do ride around the park features and I really try not to get in the way of anyone and if I try and just go over a hill, I make sure no one is anywhere near as I occasionally do get stuck cause I'm not going fast enough. This is just great info, thank you guys!

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Basic rules of road in the park:

Communication is the key to happy park to people and find out what their intent is!

Wait your turn...allow the people ahead to drop first unless they are just chilling..ask if they are going to drop.

Call your you take off, let people know you are dropping.

Before going, allow the rider who dropped ahead of you to clear the first feature for sure and maybe the second if it`s not a busy day.

Be alert and have an escape route planned if someone snakes you.

If you fall, get out of the way ASAP and do not start again blind...move to a spot where you can see and can be seen before continuing through the park.

If someone is injured, assist and block the feature by laying your board across it so it is clearly visible from above.

Scope out the park with a gentle run through before you really hit features.

Progress safely and logically, start small and work your way up.

When new, if you and a group of riders who are obviously better than you are ready to drop...give them right of way, let them know you are new and not going to be going real fast.

Make sure you can clear a one cares how big or small you go off a feature, but it pisses people off when you can`t even roll over it so make sure to carry enough speed to at least ride up and over the feaure.

Never speed check on or carve across takeoff ramps on reallt messes them up and makes them hard for other riders to hit.

Never stop where you can`t be seen and never block a feature. If you want to watch a friend or wait for someone stop on the top of a roller or table way to the right or left completly out of the way and only then if there is room to safely do this and people can see from far above.

In the pipe, all the above applies and some additional things to consider:

Allow the rider ahead to make 2 runs up the wall before dropping.

Never, ever drop into the pipe in the middle...always drop in at the upper entrance!

If you fall in the flats and riders are approaching, stay not move untill they pass. It is much easier and safer to avoid a stationary object than a moving one. Also, as soon as its clear, get up and get going asap.

Its common sense and being courteous will go a long way to a good day in the park..also, ride defensively and keep an eye on fellow riders, realize that not everyone will follow good park ettiquette, so watch your back.
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