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First off, thanks for the replies. I had a great time riding all over Mammoth now that the whole mountain is open. Definitely put some of the tips to use and got some good results. Also spent much of my time not thinking and just riding. Blasting through trees (finally! thank you snow), riding areas I've never considered before, and all with confidence. I'm also looking at upgrading my board & bindings (current- 08 Gnu Hampus Mosesson & K2 Sonics) so I demoed an Attack Banana with Flux TT30s (5th option for bindings no right sizes in first four choices). Happily surprised how easy turn initiation was with the r/c board, and non-bouncy ride at high speeds with those bindings. I plan on demoing a few more options in the next couple trips too.

To the ride:

For my carving/dynamic turns I did notice my weight being more over the inside of the turn instead of the board on my heelside turns. So I worked on getting over top of the board more and working the angulation as Snowolf mentioned. Still a lot of work to do to get it down, but it did feel like my heel edge was holding longer before skidding at the bottom of the turn. It felt like it clicked on a couple turns with very little skid on both edges.

I tried get the down unweight going and more fore / aft movement as you guys have described. The fore movements seemed to be coming along well. The aft with down unweighting I had some trouble with. Trying to put those two together was causing some issues. I kept finding myself doing one or the other but not both together, especially going heel to toe. Yay, more practice! Of course two days isn't nearly enough time, but I can feel how it could possibly come together at some point for better turns.

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
To get a feel for how it works, stand on your board on flat ground. Stand tall then suddenly collapse your legs allowing your upper body to drop down toward your board. You will see and feel a very brief moment where the board actually pops up off of the snow as you begin to drop.
Didn't try this, forgot once I saw the lift lines. Will give a try next time, especially since I gotta wait til President's Day weekend for the next trip (way too long, stupid job).

Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
What are your binding angles set at? You might have a slight twist of the hips that you are not aware of. This can happen a lot because people often are not 100% symmetrical in their anatomy and there can be a slight rotation of the hips as they relate to the legs. You might have to learn to compensate a little bit by slightly changing you binding angles. Another thing that I have done is use a little less forward lean on my rear binding than I do on the front. Play around with your equipment and see if you can solve the issue with a slight adjustment. If not, you are going to have to work on using some hip rotation to counter this tendency to have the rear foot slip forward on you.
I seemed to have figured something out with riding flatter when I need to. I have my bindings at 15/-12. I think I was opening my front shoulder. To make myself not do this I rode these sections with my front hand on my front thigh. This worked well the first day on my cambered board, and on the demo board. Definitely me and not the board. I used the same angles and tried the less forward lean on my rear binding, and everything just kinda clicked when I flat (or near flat) rode over flat hill sections. The guy that setup my demo had also mention that the r/c boards can feel more like a skate when riding flat, distributing my weight evenly over the rocker in the middle. Made a lot of sense.

Didn't try any grabs, but did get popping more on straight airs- mostly on side trail hits. Did 8 park jumps with nice pop and landing on 7. The missing one- I knew I didn't have the speed but went off anyway, cased it on the knuckle then SMACK straight to tailbone and back of the head. Definitely one of those happy I wear a helmet hits. The demo board had really nice and easy pop off the lips too.

Tried all four 180s, all on side hits. Mostly successful landings. Figured out it's way easy for me to go counter-clockwise- BS and Cab then going FS or Switch BS.

Switch- didn't ride all that much switch this time out. But I did feel like my vision was opening up a little more than what I remember from my first trip this season. Picturing the different phases of the turn from gjsnowboarder's graphic really seemed to help. And I think snowolf is right on the money with the dominate eye thing (which I also think ties into my Bs & Cab 180s being easier)

Now if I could just get the vids from my buddy....
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