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Thank you PanHandler. Tried pasting the whole youtube link in between the YOUTUBE tags, haha.

@lonerider: Yeah, I am flailing a little, and you're exactly right, a do sometimes "miss" a turn that I wanted to make in the moguls. I particularly struggle getting the board back around from toe to heel. I think my counter rotating is my solution to that, but obviously that's not ideal. I try to use my lower body to initiate my turns but it doesn't always work.

@Ttam: I enjoy moguls because they are a challenge and you can't really half ass them. Also, it's an opportunity for me to make turns, and who doesn't love making turns?

@Snowolf: Ok, I've never actually focused on keeping my shoulder aimed down the fall line, so I'll definitely try that. I'll try it on a normal groomer and make sure I only use my lower body to turn. Then I'll take that to the moguls.

Thanks for all the help.
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