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All my friends have 360s. Seriously, all my friends. It's crazy. I'm a loner (game- system wise), but I still say the PS3 is better, here's why

- Enormous graphical potential, only saw a shred of it even in titles like "Uncharted" (amazing game). Games like GT5, Resistance 2, and God of War 3 will hopefully exploit it's unrealized power.
- Free online play, and "Home" is coming, which should make it closer to the X360's more streamlined online community without adding to the price.
- Come on, it DOES have a Blu - Ray player.
- Even if the current crop of games is a bit sub-par, there are some GREAT 1st party exclusives coming out that will challenge the 360's strong selection. To name a few: Infamous, Final Fantasy 13, GT5, Resistance 2, Haze, Socom, God of War 3, Dead Space, GRiD, and KillZone 2.
-Part of the reason that the 360 has more games is because it's cheaper to develop on. A high budget game is going to cost the same on both systems, but there's no such thing as a "low budget game" on the PS3, where the 360 is overrun with shit like "Fusion Frenzy 2", etc etc
- A bigger hard drive = a bigger heart.
- Controllers are rechargeable, 360 takes batteries.
- Do 44% of our systems fuck up for no apparent reason or freeze alot? Noo-oo-ooooo-ooooo.

These are my reasons for standing up for the PS3 in the face of adversity.
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