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This is what I got at the moment.
Has anyone experienced an injury with about these symptoms?

It started about a year ago, after one week very intense snowboarding trip (about 8hours a day). I also did fall once a bit bad to my left hip & buttock which most likely caused this. Still I was able to continue riding after falling still for few days. The pain got stronger about a week after the trip.

Dull pain (not sharp) on outer thigh, hip. Also inside of the thigh might be a bit sharper.
Also I've had this weird tingling sensation often in my Ankle (which is odd, maybe somekind of nerve)

Now when riding I have to be quite careful with buttering, jumping or twisting (shifties on air). The outer thigh/hip gets quite easily worked up and aches more.

This ache / painstate is pretty much constant in normal life.

At the beginning: (about a year ago)

it was more intense pain, I couldn't lift leg up too much as pain in thigh prevented this, also stretching leg outwards was quite painful.
I visited physiotherapist 5 times, wasn't much lasting help.
X-Ray and ultrasound have been taken both seemed fine. No MRI taken.

Physios don't seem so concerned as the pain doesn't agitate too much when they try moving my leg. It's more of a dull pain. In worst case scenario it's hip labrum tear, but I'd like to believe no.

I've came to conclusion it's probably somehow chronical pain.
Today I found article about Hip Flexor injury which it could be. Apparently it has a high possibility to become chronical.
Has anyone any experience of such injury and could say how does that feel?
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