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Toeside Turns - Advice Needed (Video)

Hey guys,

So I've been snowboarding a whole 7 times - started in Park City last year. My friends got me started by leaving heal-side first, and I learned how to connect to toeside turns just by trial and error. I haven't ever had a lesson - my friends have been helpful but have never really closely critiqued my technique etc.

I just got back from Breck and while I had a good time there, I realized I have a long way to go to get "comfortable" on a board. My major problem is that I don't feel comfortable on toeside turns unless its REALLY flat and terrain is predictable. If a bump comes up that I didn't see, it shakes me and I almost lose my balance and then want to slow WAY down. I don't know why but I don't feel the same on heel-side turns.

I also realized on this trip that I have been turning completely wrong. I had read somewhere on here (Snowolf?) that the turns should be initiated by the front foot by angling the board. I got to have one day out on the mountain after reading this and realized that I typically turn the board using my backfoot like a rudder. So I worked on that a bit - but to be honest, I don't really get how to do it with the front and not use the back to really control everything through a turn.

Also, I realized on toe-side turns I was using ONLY my toes and feet to change the pressure on the board. This resulted in my feet and low legs getting extremely tired quickly. I had read here that I should really use my shins to push down on my boots and let the boot stiffness and equipment push down toeside for turns. I started trying to do this, but I feel even more unstable on toeside turns when I do this.

So I could really use some critique and guidance from you guys. Due to my lack of confidence when in toeside turns I typically don't go very fast, afraid something will bounce me off balance and I'll catch an edge and die (just kidding, but not really). Here's a video of me last weekend - let er rip.

Oh, and I'm 6'0", 185 lbs and have a Ride Machete 158 board

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