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New member from Iowa: Seeking answers on Linking & Carving

Hi everyone, I joined this forum in hope of improving my snowboarding knowledge and translating that to the slopes. I recently became very interesting in snowboarding and I've been making the 2 hr drive to the slopes for a couple of weeks now.

I have several questions regarding the proper steps in linking turns, and carving. I've watched through all of Snowolf's videos and also the videos by snowprofessor on youtube. I am definitely a beginner, having snowboarded 4 times now. I can link turns consistently. This Friday I hope to get some more mileage tightening up links and also beginning to learn Carving. The post is long, and thanks in advance for those who are able to share their knowledge with me.

I'm the sort of guy that tries to learn first by doing research on proper techniques and trying to understand the details before I hit the slopes. I have 2 main questions I'd like to ask the snowboarding experts here which I was not able to conclusively determine after reviewing videos on youtube.

1. Linking Turns Form
a. Is linked turns the same as skidded turns, is that pretty interchangeable? I understand linking turns in just the process of putting your heel and toe change of direction together, while skidded turn is a specific type of turn in which the snow is dragged by the board in a broad S shape where tail is not in the same path as the toe, but the beginning videos talk about linking your turns after garlands and is that the same as making skidded turns?

b. I wanted to ask you guys if my linking is following proper techniques form

First and foremost, am I correct in linked turns that the backfoot is lagging or half a step behind the front foot. My current process is as follows (i ride regular):
my current mechanical process of linking are as follows: head turn-slight front shoulder dip, front toe, once board starts imitating turn, back toe, front knee comes in a little; transition from toe to heel is, head turn to look at where i want to turn, shoulder drip, drop front toe back flat to board, then drop back toe flat to board, front heel flexion, then back heel flexion, front knee opens up a little.

2. Carving
Can someone tell me what the steps are on carving? I know with carving the edge of the board is on the snow, are both of my feet suppose to initiate toe side at the same time and then both to heel side at same time? or does the front foot still initiate, just like linking but I'm just on my edge more. Snowolf's videos doesn't go into too much detail about how to carve.

I think someone on the forum mentioned that after linking is carving, and after carving is dynamic skidded turn

3. Dynamic Skidded
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