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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
Actually I walked around for 2.5 weeks with it ruptured and filling full of nastiness. I even made posts on various snowboard sites, played games, went to the bar, went to work, and finally when it finally ruptured I still rode to the base to get help while only being able to see out of one eye and having no motion on the right side of my body. Doc said the best thing I did was ride to get help. But by your standards I should have been fine even though I was bleeding to death internally.

Hell 7 weeks ago I rode the shame train out of the park for a dislocated elbow. Sure I could have gotten up and rode down but I wasn't sure if it was a dislocation or I had gotten a tri-compound fracture of my radius and destroyed my humerus. Better safe than sorry.

Yeah that only works at small little places. I go out a access gate I'm fucked and have to drag my ass back in bounds. You really need to think before you respond dumbass. There are some of us on here that have been around longer than you and know more than you especially about this.

Patrol's there working for you. Their "time" is spent answering any number of calls, throwing bombs, snow stability, roping off things, carting dumbasses off the mountain, informing the public, etc. etc. By buying a ticket, season pass, etc. you are paying for them to be there and work for you. But hey I know your time is precious and so is there's so they should only deal with serious things.
You ruptured your spleen twice? Good story, your my fucking hero. Back to my original point, if your hurt, go get it checked out, especially if you feel you are hurt enough to call patrol.

A tri-compound fracture? Im pretty sure you would know right away if the bone is poking out of your skin or not.

As for your other comments, you have no idea who I am or how much experience I have. If you are talking about internet experience, clearly you are the fucking expert. You keep hucking way past your ability and talking shit daily on people if it makes you happy. I will do it now and then for entertainment (talking shit), but that's the beauty of the internet right?
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