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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
This is an ignorant statement! Patrol at a REAL mountain absolutely may not be able to find you and it may not be possible to give them exact locations. In the terrain we have in the Northwest, you can be 50 feet from a groomed run stuck in a tree well and you might as well be on the fucking moon as NWboarder28 and I can tell you from firsthand experience at White Pass in dense trees.

Ride in Heather Canyon at Mt. Hood Meadows and get fucked up and unable to communicate, you could be there for days. The terrain is huge and complex and even when sweeping the canyon, patrollers can not see more than 20 feet into the trees. Not everyone who rides inbounds carry's a GPS and a satellite telephone.

This sort of thing has happened frequently out here. Just last year a skier went into a tree well at Crystal and they did not find his body until spring and he was within 50 yards of a main trail. Cell phones and radios do not always work out here and actually in most cases do not. Self rescue and riding with a partner is your only chance out here to at least get yourself to a location that patrol can locate.

This idea that it is somehow "wasting Patrol`s" time is absurd. These guys are paid to do this job and 99% of them do it because they enjoy the work. Actually, in most cases where patrol hauls someone to the clinic in a toboggan, an examination reveals that the injury is much more minor than feared and the person is sent home with the advice of "take it easy for the next few days" So was that call a waste of time too? Unless you are a medical doctor with the equipment in the field, you nor a patroller can make a 100% accurate diagnosis of what is wrong so this is never a waste of time and I find your attitude preposterous.

It is no different than the volunteer mountain rescue such as the Craig Rats here in the Northwest who perform mountain rescue, they love their work. It is never a waste of time to notify patrol of an injury. In fact at Meadows where I work, if a student is injured in a class, even if minor but they want to go get checked out at the clinic, we are NOT allowed to walk them there or send them on their own; patrol must be called and the individual must be assessed by patrol because of the potential for further injury by moving them and the mountain being liable. Patrol is never going to feel you wasted their time and if they do, you ride at a very shitty resort.

Engage your brain before posting and stop making these broad proclamations based on a myopic view of reality. In addition, stop needlessly flaming the kid even if his stories seem very far fetched. It isn't hurting anyone and if it pisses you off, exercise some self control and simply don`t read his posts. If you don`t have anything constructive to say then don`t post.
Get off your high horse, Jesus. I am pretty sure I have read a couple of posts from you over the last month or so that have been far from constructive.

You call patrol to kids hurt in lessons no matter what because the insurance company puts that procedure in place, probably due to all of the instructors that are too moronic to make that call themselves - if there is ever any doubt, you call patrol. I'm sure there are plenty of times when you could have used your common sense and figured out the best form of action.

Whenever I am riding, I have a general idea of where I am, and I never ride trees alone. Patrol will always TRY and help, no matter where you are.
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