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Default My Switch Riding Progression.

Almost from the time I first started linking turns late last Feb,.. I was having a problem where in about half of the linked turns I was making, I was spinning & getting turned all the way around & "Unintentionally" ending up Switch. I didn't know why this kept happening. But, whenever it did happen, I managed to avoid falling. Fortunately I could stay upright on the board, straight ride it out & heelside turn back to riding & turning "regular" but It was happening often enough that I needed to figure out what I was doing wrong.

One of the instructors @ Boyne, suggested that I was leaving my shoulders "Open" & rotated. He also mentioned that I was probably weighting my Back Foot too much as well. Between my "Open" shoulders & riding too much in the "Back Seat", The rear of the board wanted to spin around & point itself down slope! He told me to pay closer attention to getting my weight balanced, my shoulders straight & pointed where I intended to go and that would probably fix it.

His advice was Spot ON!! As soon as I applied his directions to my turning, I quit spinning! As a result of experiencing getting "Switch" so early in my learning to ride, the good news was that even tho I was a NOOB, getting switch didn't Totally freak me out!!!

However,.. since fixing that issue. I found that although I could get switch & straight ride it out, ( long as I stayed on my heelside edge!) I could only do "Heel Side" turns. Whenever I tried to link turns switch. As soon as I went to go toe-side,.. COMPLETE DISASTER!! I wiped out every time!

Last week, I went back to Boyne for my vacation & I resolved to take another lesson from this instructor & see if he could help me fix this!

The first clip is from my lesson Last Friday. I asked the instructor if he would film the lesson /w my GoPro, so I could see & revue any mistakes I made I think I did pretty well for a first try. I was amazed that I didn't crash at all on my first run down with him.

Switch - YouTube

The next 2 clips are from Pine Knob! This was my first day out since I got back from vacation & my first chance to get in any real practice of what I learned @ Boyne!! The camera is strapped to my Regular Lead Foot! You can see that I am getting & riding switch and linking my turns pretty well.

1st Day out After Switch - YouTube

I really liked my "transition" from regular to Switch in this clip!

Switch Kinda Neat Transition - YouTube

Looking forward to your feedback! (...I think!)
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