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Originally Posted by firstx1017 View Post
It's hard to remember "EVERYTHING" when you are on the hill! lol

Me too!!! I decided to change my mental approach and did this: instead focusing on getting all the goals down in one run, I just try to nail down one or two areas I want to improve consistently whatever feels right or necessary at the moment I'm going down the hill. Whenever I tried to "do this, do that, do this, don't forget that," I end up over-thinking and not really paying attention to the response of my body/board. Too many things to think about.

I realized that by tackling smaller pieces of my goals, I was establishing "muscle memory" much better. If I try to do twenty things off my mental checklist, nothing is consistently done and nothing ends up as muscle memory.

I don't know if it will work for everyone, but it certainly worked for me!
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