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Originally Posted by Efilnikufesin View Post
Couple of quick things I noticed. One, keep you upper body more upright, bend more with your knees and less with your waist. Two, keep yourself centered on the board. If you look in the video you can see that you have less bend in your leading leg than your trailing leg, hence you are leaning uphill while riding. Keep yourself centered with both knees bent equally, it may feel like you are leaning downhill, but you will initiate turns easier and have more control when you hit choppy terrain.

I at times notice myself still leaning on my back leg on steeper terrain and have to correct myself. If I am washing out alot on high speed turns it is usually because I am leaning uphill. By leaning uphill you are taking weight off your downhill contact point, making especially heelside turns harder to control.

There are members on here that would know better than I though. I'm better at correcting myself than correcting others.
1. I tend to naturally hunch over, this will be a tough challenge!
2. Completely agree with the fact that I am still leaning uphill. I actually realized this the day before and explained why I was falling a lot when on heelside.

Today was my attempt at trying to lean forward mroe and remain centered. Was only able to accomplish a handful of times, and it was a clear difference in feeling when I did it correctly as my heel edge would dig in and pull me through the turns and was a fantastic feeling!

Originally Posted by firstx1017 View Post
I totally know what you mean about watching your own videos. I've been posting videos for snowolf to help me on and in the videos I feel like I am doing one thing, but when I watch the video you can hardly tell what I think I am doing. I feel like I am bending my knees at a 90 degree angle but in the video I have straight legs. It's hard to remember "EVERYTHING" when you are on the hill! lol
It's definitely tough when you have so many little things that factor into your form, as well as thinking your doing it correctly when in fact you aren't!

Thank goodness for videos and this form

Originally Posted by Death View Post
Yep, that's about what I noticed, you aren't bending and getting aggressive in your carvings and your having your hands up like you do just looks like you're bracing yourself for a fall. But hey, with only 5 days under your belt that's awesome, I have more tips for the cameraman than your riding. You just need to get out and ride some more. Good job
I'm not sure what i'm suppose to do with my hands? lol should I have them spread out pointing head to tail? or should I keep them tucked towards my body? I've been leaning in with my shoulder when trying to initiate turns.

Originally Posted by designfemme View Post
Me too!!! I decided to change my mental approach and did this: instead focusing on getting all the goals down in one run, I just try to nail down one or two areas I want to improve consistently — whatever feels right or necessary at the moment I'm going down the hill. Whenever I tried to "do this, do that, do this, don't forget that," I end up over-thinking and not really paying attention to the response of my body/board. Too many things to think about.

I realized that by tackling smaller pieces of my goals, I was establishing "muscle memory" much better. If I try to do twenty things off my mental checklist, nothing is consistently done and nothing ends up as muscle memory.

I don't know if it will work for everyone, but it certainly worked for me!
That is the exact same approach I am taking Working from top to bottom!

So I guess my action plan for the next day is:
1: straighten my back
2: What do I do with my hands?
3. Bend knees more and try to lean forward

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