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Originally Posted by jdang307 View Post
Heh, I just came in yesterday. With my schedule the way it is, it may be a week or two before I get on it unfortunately. But I'll let you know
At the moment the Evo is my "do it all" stick. I really enjoy how playful it is but I'm thinking it's time for a more stable board for high speed. I did a few runs over the weekend at 45+ MPH and the Evo is a little too much of a noddle when you really lay into high speed carves.

Coming from the EVO, would you recommend the SL as a speed slayer? Or would you find it wiser to go to the Heritage since I already have an EVO? I know you don't have a heritage, but I'm curious if you think the SL will handle well enough at speed to be worth it?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I ride an EVO in a 158. I'm thinking of, instead of the Heritage, doing the SL in a larger size. Extra sidecut but still a little more flexible of a board. Anyone have thoughts/comments?
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