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Awwww... thanks for all the inspiration guys!

Snowolf - I am hard on myself when it comes to sports, funny how you picked up on that! lol Always have been - comes from having a competitive family I guess you could say. I am more worried about picking up a bad habit and then taking twice as long to unlearn it - that's why I post so much for feedback.

But I really could tell some changes when leaning into the turns and could feel when I was doing it correctly as it seemed effortless as you said. And when I wasn't doing it correctly I could tell. It is hit and miss which I know will come with practice. Now that I know what to do and hopefully sometime soon will have some decent conditions to practice on - that would REALLY help! lol

I know in certain instances I may need to skid around errant skiers, etc. or rudder the board to avoid someone falling in front of me, etc. and all these different ways I have learned will help me in certain circumstances which is good to know. But over all, I really could tell how easy it was to go down the hill just leaning and being on edge - so hopefully in a month it may all come together. (crossing fingers)

Thanks for all the help and looking forward to just fine tuning and getting time behind the wheel now!

I learned to snowboard at 50! woo hoo!
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