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Originally Posted by oefdevilvet View Post
It's really an anomaly for the midwest, definitely a place that is more geared towards advanced riders/skiers. The majority of the hill gets pretty bumped up but that's just more natural forming moguls and they are rough in some places and not bad in others, good number of steeps too but the real mindblowing shit there is the trees and they are nearly everywhere but they cut a good bit of the smaller shit, but in the Outer Limits and Hidden Valley as well as the EBC you could end up in some pretty dense woods. As far as skill, don't measure yourself in years riding measure it in what you feel comfortable doing on the hill. However, it seems to me that everyone going there has a good time but most of the people I see there with less than 4-5 years riding/skiing time don't have the skills to really make the most of it. You could probably handle it if you can manage a black with some bumps but the trees/cliffs/drops there are where the fun is and if your not able to ride that terrain at full steam, you might feel like you didn't get the full effect.

Also weather plays a big factor there, by early-mid January they typically already have a really thick base(which they NEVER groom), so that's when you start looking to get up there during a snowstorm or a lake effect cycle. It's those days when they have a foot of fresh snow when it is at it's best, otherwise if all the fresh stuff gets packed it's still pretty good unless the temps are hovering above and below the freezing point for a few days(that's when you see people leaving the hill and going to Porkies for the day). When they have good conditions up there it's really the best place in the midwest IMO.

I agree with this. I bought a season pass a few years back (while still at MSU) - if you buy the season pass on a specific day (1st day in December or something), its $99 for the season. I think a day pass is around $35-40, so if you ride 3 days its worth it. We made the trip for a long weekend so we rode 3-4 days.

Compared to anything in MI - this place is extreme. You ride the chairlift up and it is actually very steep. There are no "easy" runs at all, so its definitely not a place to bring your kids. We were finding cliffs and rocks everywhere to jump off of. The glades are pretty awesome for a MI resort... overall, if someone blindfolded you, flew you in a heli and dropped you off on top - you would not know that you were in Michigan.

I also agree with the snow comment. The night we got there, it snowed about a foot of fresh powder. That first day was incredible - like I said, we were jumping off cliffs and everything with no issues. But it didn't snow again while we were there, and while it never became icy or anything... it definitely wasn't fresh like that first day. You could still find powder in the trees though. Again, most of this was damn near 6-7 years ago at least, and was before they kept expanding to the lookers right (towards the lake), where you can ride even more trees, etc. and get taken back to the front with a shuttle (they had the shuttle when I went there, but wasn't as far to the right).

Views of the lake are pretty cool from the top, and if you pass Bohemia and keep heading towards Beta Griese - that is my favorite beach in Michigan (in the summer, obviously). Crystal clear water and super soft sand... the sand goes out at least 100-200 yards to where you're only chest deep that far out. There are often sandbars where you can walk out there then be knee deep 200 yards off shore. Because it is so shallow that far out... I think it keeps the water warmer (this is me assuming) than normal temps in Superior. Its still cold, but not bone-chilling-I-need-an-electric-blanket cold. Funny story - the road between Bohemia and that beach, when we went up that first day to ride Bohemia, I was actually showing my 2 buddies Superior over there and we realized that the powder was absolutely perfect on that road (wasn't plowed), so on the way back we hooked up a rope behind my buddy's F-150 and were riding behind his truck. It was actually really awesome... snow was perfect and you could get going like 25mph and just slashin the snow.

Sorry for the huge reply.
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