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Not lower but I have some pinched nerves in my upper back/low neck likely from herniated discs.....kinda sucks cause can affect the feeling in my arms and my ability to turn my upper body at times. I use lidocaine patches sometimes when I feel like I need them, and they do seem to help. Plus I can keep a lot under control which exercise and taking care of myself, this is a problem I've had since child hood... My biggest issue when riding and dealing with this problem is dealing with other disrespectful riders not following any etiquette, most even minor fall impact can affect my neck negatively so I have to be careful. I'm very controlled and calculated when I ride, I can still go off smaller jumps and kickers, hit some boxes, do some 180's, ride switch. But I speed check, check out the snow on the other landing areas before I try the jump, I like to carve, I normally don't ride straight and just gain speed unless I need it to get through a section or I'm certain I have the ability to dump quickly it if need be in the conditions I'm riding in. I also listen to my body and when I need a break, I go off to the side and rest a minute, I know that if I feel pain I tighten up and it affects my riding which can be dangerous to me and other people around me. What I'm dealing with right now has to do with people coming from behind..... no longer do many care to yield to people in front of them (around where I ride a lot) or they ride too fast and out of control then get way too close to people. Someone clipped my board the other day and made me fall, another kid squeezed into a super tight spot between my backside and the edge of the trail while I was mid carve, without warning he got so close to me he wound up grabbing my waist with both his hands. That's the crap I get hurt from and it's incredibly frustrating, other peoples ignorance is affecting me and my problem and I don't appreciate that. If I knew I could trust at least 50% of the people I'm riding on the mountain with I'd have so much more fun, but since I have this back problem it makes it tough for me to have a nice enjoyable run from top to bottom. Yesterday, it was so slushy and choppy where I was, I saw a bunch of kids riding fast and straight at times and then start skipping on some clumps and bam they're down and possibly taking someone out with them. It just seems so useless to me.... I take my time, lay down some nice carves, ollie the clumps, sometimes I wonder if some of these kids can even carve, especially on steep spots, I only ever see them bomb down on a single edge. I can carve with my eyes closed and my hands behind my back, it's an amazing feeling.... Sorry, have had a terrible east coast season if I sound like I'm ranting, cause I kinda am....
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