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Many riders have seen EC clips by everyone from Swoard to Bauer & Nerva, but almost never is any actual methodology described. When there's talk of it, there always seems to be enormous mystery involved. "How do they get so low?" This is the first video I've seen that seems to "lay it out" (pun intended) very well. Again, there is a lack of text, IMO, though.

As with any riding, you need to maintain situational awareness, but especially when doing any kind of serious carving or EC. The reason it that too many straightliners don't pay the same attention or extend the same courtesy, and it's nearly impossible to deviate from your course quickly (if needed) when inclinated/entrenched so low. On crowded weekends, I'll stand at the top of a run and evaluate people and conditions. The mind works at lightning speed. "I'll blow by these people before the bottom of the first steep, but I'll be on those other people like flies on schnit. That other dude is about to bomb the run and will bowl me over if I dive in ahead of him." So you simply find and take your spot in traffic. Checking your six is just second nature.

I too, see very few people actually doing EC. Usually hardbooters, yes. But I don't find it uncommon, especially if I've made a some ECs beneath the chairlift, to see some softbooters trying to mimic it. Very cool to see the attempt, but their method is almost always to just break at the waist to try to get one hand touching the snow. Kind of neat and makes me cringe. I wish there were more instruction out there. Most of it seems to only be available during select events by an enlightened few. God knows, it took me forever to even start to get it and I'm still learning. Thankfully, there's a world of companies catering to one-percenters.

As for the powder guys, offpiste is great, too, but virtually nonexistant here. I practically need to get on a plane to get to it. With VERY RARE exception, if you find anyone offpiste locally, they probably bit it bad and are laying in a heap on rocks and bare earth. You'd need to call the ski patrol, and either a helicopter or a coroner. So, you have two choices; groomed or ungroomed piste. Cut-up EC is possible, but works you like a mofo. As I said, I offered these links "for those who might be interested"... Yes, it's advanced and you need to be up to it.
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