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REVIEW: Kessler "RIDE" 168 - The Ultimate Snowboard

I Got this board on a great (group buy thingy) deal shipped to door! Was in the market for a true directional free ride stick, so I grabbed it! Heard so much about Kessler boards and I know I'll never get to see one in a demo... so here goes !

photo 1.JPG

To start with, I think (personally) this board has the same techs as the Palmer Platinum LE had before it was discontinued! So, Kessler (who was making it for Palmer) probably decided to use/seize this and make it under their label with a few minor shape and look tweaks.

It's really high end construction board from tip to tail. The ultimate freeride board that I actually used as an all-mountain! For fair comparison, here's a list of boards I owned or been on as demo to give perspective:

Burton T6
Burton Custom
Never Summer Titan
Nidecker Megalight
Salmon Mans Board
Burton Method
Burton Custom X
Ride Highlife
Ride Machete
Nitro Pantera
Lib Tech Travis Ride

1st and formost, this board grips on ice like nothing I've seen. I have a Travis Rice board with mange-traction (Lib Tech C2 BTX), which I thought was the best there is on ice. Until I got the Kessler Ride into some ice! It literally grips on ice like glue! So much that I initially thought either the use is stick, or my board base is completely burned out of wax! None of the above. The KST seems to place the entire board edge into the ice creating the ultimate grip. Once you learn that, you just point the board down and shoot! You can slow down by simply putting the board on a slight (or hard) edge deepening how much you want to slow.

2nd most impressive was how damp this board is! I could be cutting into moguls or charging a double diamond (ice or no ice) and this board just holds steady as a tank though it all. Yet it always feels super light and nimble.

With all that in mind, I thought if this board can do it in the park, we are game! So, I took it for some park jumps and boy was I ever impressed how it takes off and lands. Super steady and very predictable. I ever took into into some boxes (no rails) just for fun! We also have a BX trail at my resort that I will be taking this into next time around if I get the chance.

Although it's a directional, set-back free ride board, I could ride it switch with ease. As a matter of fact I found it it to be a great for my progressing switch riding with the shorter back! Like skies riding switch you could say. Turned and carves easier than my twin. But that's just me... Haven't (and won't) try switching on jumps for the record! But I could drop a 180's off the ground or off pitched sides NP!

The board has an amazing pop of rollers when coasting through the snow. It's a hybrid so it's super easy to ride on catwalks and flat as well as relaxing your feet. It requires MINIMUM effort to manouver and carve into snow. A beast that's super easy to ride.

I also took it into some powder and it floats like a hovercraft on the white stuff! Could carve in and out tree lines and side POW banks with ease. Though turning it at 1st will take a little getting used it at 168 (vs my other board 156-164 max).

Overall, the best snowboard I ever had my hands on to date! In summery:

Ultimate ice grip
Smooth Damp Ride
Super fast
Rock solid in any condition
Awesome pop
Great for jumps & landing
Ultra Hybrid camber (KST)
Rides easy on flats and catwalks
Minimum effort to ride & carve
Floats great in pow
Ride like a tank - point & shoot downhill
Rides switch


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