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Originally Posted by chomps1211 View Post

I had seen a few guys doing 360 degree circles, spinning their boards around while moving down slope. I thought I'd give it a try. If nothing else, I thought it might help me focus on my edge awareness! Turns out, now that I'm not crashing every time I go toe-side while switch, this felt pretty natural!
It definitely helps edge awareness! As you're starting to do this sort of basic "butter" maneuver, try to do them both clockwise and counterclockwise. I'm stronger going counterclockwise (frontside). Also work on initiating the spin from your nose and your tail so you'll end up with 4 exercises: 2 spins each from the nose & tail.

As you're doing these your focus about the 4 quadrants of your board. nose/toeside, tail/toeside, nose/heelside and tail/heelside. You want to keep pressure basically on only one of those quadrants as a time, and as you spin, you shift that pressure/balance so that you're unweighting whichever edge is crossing the fall line.

So thinking about a counterclockwise (frontside) rotation, from the board's nose, it is like this: shift weight slightly forward towards the nose of the board. Apply pressure to the nose/heelside, making sure to keep that nose/toeside edge unweighted - otherwise you will catch that edge and slam HARD like I did on Saturday while looking over your left shoulder, moving your arms in the direction of the spin. It should be pretty easy to turn 180 degrees to the switch position.

For clockwise 180 rotation from the board's nose, weight forward, look over your right shoulder and throw your arms in the direction of the spin, unweight the heel edge and pressure the nose/toeside edge of the board.

For counterclockwise 180 rotation from the board's tail, shift weight back slightly towards the tail, unweight the toe edge, pressure the tail/heelside and look over your left shoulder.

For clockwise 180 rotation from the tail, shift weight back towards the tail, unweight heel edge, pressure the tail/toeside and look over your right shoulder.

Once you've gotten 180 degrees -- i'm having a hard time conceptualizing this right now but I think you're going to want to shift weight slightly to the opposite edge -- keep looking over the same shoulder and be mindful of whichever edge as you bring it across the fall line and you'll complete the 360. Bonus points if you keep spinning >> Reviews | Trip Reports | Commentary

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