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One thing that stood out to me right away was the "thwck" sound as you came off the lip. It's really indicative that you are snapping off the lip to get the rotation but not popping. The lack of amplitude (vertical) really makes the first 90ish basically a butter. This is going to be a problem when you try to step it up to bigger features as it will scrub off tons of speed and cause you to knuckle. You might have felt the lip catch your edge very slightly. Do you happen to have any vids of front 1's off jumps?

A lot of people might say I'm wrong; lots of really good riders I see throw the first 90 or so before they have fully left the lip but the problem (IMO) with that technique is that you must carry extra speed to compensate for scrubbing. It might be easier to get more rotation, but I'd rather have a more consistence approach by trying to leave the lip as straight as possible. To each his own.

Either way, combining the vertical pop and timing it precisely with the rotational snap is the key to launching all rotations. Keep doing it more and more and you'll find you can throw it more with your hips and knees which will make the rotation look better and be easier.

For example, here's an edit that was posted recently:

You can see at 0:30 they all front 3's off that little table (though off the toes, ignore that part). Focus on the the timing how they snap off the lip at the last possible moment and watch the last guy especially, you can see how he really throws his hips and knees to finish the spin and get it looking smooth. If you can imitate that, you'll be busting threes all over the place in no time.

Good luck.

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