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nope, in pow you dont use an edge, because there is nothing to dig into. you steer with the base of the board and with more leaning and body movements. When riding pow you want to be sitting back on it so you keep your nose up and have more control and float easier. also the more powder you have the steeper terrain you have to ride. Speed is key. Going fast in pow is very comfortable because there are no edges to catch and not really too much rough bumpy snow to get bucked around on, unless its chopped to hell you just cut through and float over any bumps. like i said as long as the snow isnt really choppy you can point down hill and as long as you have the board control and the crouched stance to absorb the bumps at high speeds you can send it straight down hill with little to no turns. i did that the first day of the year with a foot+ of snow. I went down this steeper blue bowl on the front side of my home mountain, and the only reason i ever added slight turns was to add some style and movement to my line because just going straight down hill was getting boring.
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