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Originally Posted by tearinit^folks4 View Post
no need for the smart remark. I was asking how avaliable it is, I am aware of the area but I am unaware of how things go down. Now I do realize posting about buds is out there and not a "smart" thing to do, but I am not asking for you to hook me up during my visit nor am I asking anyone else to do a personal favor to someone they do not know. Right, this is my first post because I only read through things, I do not interact via posting on the threads. I was discussing this with someone in a class about mountain towns and the avaliability of specific things and Whistler came up, I sought to find an answer better than a search engine response. So yes, I am asking how availble it is, if bud is accessible or not. No harsh feelings homie, just not a avid poster, hope you understand. Riding is about respect, so should talking about it, right?
I smoked daily for about 4 years, helped organize a Marijuana March in Toronto a few years back, you name it. The worst place to publicly look for something is on the internet... I thought it was world wide knowledge that BC is weed central for north america? Hence the sarcasm. Since it's known that it's weed central I'm assuming it's also cop central too.

I've gone on many snowboarding trips to different parts of North America in the last few years, and every trip there was an abundance of weed available if that helps. I haven't really smoked in about 8 years so it wasn't like I was looking either. You shouldn't have a problem stumbling across things.

Not sure what the laws are like if you get caught here though, extradition to the states to face your laws? As a canadian smoking in canada I've walked down the street smoking with no problem, it's generally not frowned upon as long as you're discreet about it. Wouldn't want to tempt the us authorities but maybe that's just my image of the states being a police state! lol

What I do know about BC and Alberta (haven't boarded at Whistler yet) is that you'll find some of the worlds best snowboarding here... have fun!
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