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Originally Posted by bronzzhorse View Post
64 views and no replies..... I'm either doing just fine, or I SUCK..... I'm not sure which it is though..
Or people don't want to waste there time giving every single attention-starved person tips in the middle of a work day.

1. You are really hunched over in your shoulders (you head is leaning forward at least 1.5 feet), try to keep you head/chest more upright
2. You need more work your on toe flexion/extension movements to help you the board edge to edge as you shift your weight from toe to heel.
3. Stop swinging that back arm to initiate your turns, that is a bad habit... try practicing riding with your hands grabbing the sides of your pants, then later when you get used to that, holding your hands together behind your back. Every time you have to let go and swing out your arms means you weren't doing #2 correctly... or your were off-balance
4. Because of #2 and #3, you aren't very smooth in linking your turns (you noticeably take a while to transition out of the end of one turn and into the next). This will improve as you fix the other issues (basically at the point in your development, you should never need to use your upper body to turn... keep it upright and quiet with no disco arm swinging).
5. Stand in front of the mirror every morning and say "Every day, and in every way, I am becoming better and better." to your reflection ten times to help with your insecurity issues.

Hard to say more than that due to the less than ideal POV in the video.
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