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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Range of movement is huge as you begin to move toward more dynamic riding. Your first step to becoming a lot more dynamic is simply to be in constant motion up and down throughout your turns. Your default position should be about midpoint.

Standing fully erect with knees locked will be a 1 on your 1 through 10 scale for your range of movement. Now flex down as low as you can stand while still maintaining a somewhat erect upper body. This will be your number 10 in your range. Now, halfway between these points is your number 5. This is where you should be as your resting, default position.

To initiate the turn, drop to your 10 and transfer edge pressure to the new edge. If you do this drop abruptly, you will feel a slight momentary weightless feeling from the board. This is a down unweight and is a crucial part of dynamic riding. As you ride through your turn. you should slowly and steadily rise toward your number 1 spot as you reach the apex of the turn, then begin to drop back down. This will help set a good rhythm of rising and falling through the turns.

Use the ankles to pressure the edge of the board and add a little bit of whole body lean to start getting a feel for using tilt to engage the sidecut to actually turn you without pushing the tail around. Try to actually prevent board pivot for these scarved turns.

Keep at it and try the cross over technique.
Sorry to interfere, but i have been following your posts with technique instructions and they seem very good , but there is something i havent been able to figure out. I am a bit confused about when exactly to bend down and rise again. During dynamic riding, where the board mostly does quick and small "S" , while the upper body mostly goes forward, i can understand your instruction about bending down to release the edge, so the board can travel under you to the other side while slowly rising and so on. However, i have seen a lot of videos like that CASI Level 2 Standards 2010 - YouTube , where it seems to me that the opposite happens. It looks like their knees are bent while they are on edge and they rise in order to change edge and then bend again to finish the turn and get on the new edge. Is something difference happening which i cant see or this is different type of riding which isnt dynamic? Thanks for your help.
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