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NX2's will get fully 'fixed' for production. Here's a few info-bits to address some of the concerns;

- Better fit of the toecap, but no huge design-change like adding a 'hard' bridge on the top over the toes. Improved material on the webbing.
- Better position of the toecap (slightly higher/steeper angle), so hand-adjustment while getting in is less likely needed.
- Making the LSR-buckles even more buttery-smooth to slap open, especially when you have em cranked down supertight (which is not really needed, but hey to everyone their own, and lets make that work).
- Better locked position of the medial adjustment-latch on the toecap, so they don't pop up while riding.
- Adding a 2nd adjustment position for the hiback&cable to the baseplate, so there is more boot-centering options for a better fit (along with the offset multi-disk).
- Way easier opening of the Snaplock, so Leo -and anyone else- can get in&out like he was used to. (on the Demo samples the hiback-locks where indeed a bit too difficult to open, so yes this needed a few tweaks)
- Contrary to some information here, the heelcup will not get reduced in width, but there will be some small tweaks on the inside baseplate-washer/spacers, and the hiback SupportPanels, for better fit and ease of entry&exit.

Nothing crazy, just the expected little tweaks that sometimes stay hidden while testing with just a small group of testers but that do come up after a large customer-base testing like during these demo's.
So don't worry about the product, just lets all hope for more snow next season!!
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