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Originally Posted by pdxrealtor View Post
I was playing around with this yesterday and here's a couple things I found , I was having similar issues as you and also like you I've moved up from a 158 to a 162.

Stance width. The narrower I went the more washout I had on my back foot. The wider i went the less this was a problem. The next width wider was just to wide and wore my outer quads out to quickly. 23 1/2 vs. 22. Being as the wider width was too wide I started to work on the washout issue of the narrower stance.

As Sno mentioned above, I ducked out my back foot and it really helped keep my upper body more in line with the board. I'm now at +15/-15, I was at +15/-3.

This led to another problem and that is initiating a turn. I felt all messed up while cruising the blues. Damn near was catching edges. I can't remember where I read this, probably here. I put my hands behind my back and that's where they stayed no matter how much I wanted to move them. This solved my turn initiation problem. What I suspect is that at one point I got in the habit of leaning my body weight back, as well as open stance. Whatever it was, hands behind my back forced a proper body position and as a result the best feeling I had all day.

Hope this helps....
This is all very interesting information. Thanks for posting it. Out of curiousity, how tall are you?

I will give the hands a try. It will likely address other things in addition to the shoulder position, as I am fairly certain I was bending forward at the waist...which likely didn't help matters.

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