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Originally Posted by david_z View Post
TRS flex rating is 5/10 on Lib's scale definitely felt more of a freestyle influence than either the Agent or Omni and I would be worried about that board folding under pressure because I folded it, just not firm enough to really ride super fast/aggressive IMO.

I don't see a flex rating on Signal's site but to me it felt much firmer than that TRS. I said ~6.5, but probably be more like a 7+ for someone who is lighter since I am bigger than average.

the waist spec on the TRS 148n is 237 compared to 240 for the Omni 150 so there's a difference there.
Thanks for the valuable feedback, especially since you've ridden two of these decks.

I'm only 125-130 pounds so no matter how hard I ride it, I doubt it'll fold under pressure.

Interesting comments on the Signal vs. TRS... from reading their descriptions I would've figured the TRS would be stiffer.

Do you think the 3mm difference on the waist will feel noticeable with my size 7 boot? My custom X152 has a 244mm width and sometimes I feel that contributes to my struggles with tight turns given my boot size.

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