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Originally Posted by MGD81 View Post
Well for starters, Beaver Creek the way it is laid out has never been a huge hotbed for crime. Secondly, instructors are always leaving boards unattended for various reasons, locking it every day every time you leave your board is a pain in the arse - especially when you are on somebody else's time. This person knew what they were stealing, a thin wire lock probably wouldn't have been that much of a detterent.

Should he have left it in better view on the busiest weekend of the year? probably. Does that give a scumbag the right to steal it? Definitely not.

Like I said, the board meant a lot to him, and there aren't many of these things around, if you see anything, let me know.
I agree being an instructor does require a lot of times where you are forced to take off your board and set it aside to handle other businesses.

But i don't think you will get far with this forum but definitly check locally because most snowboard capers always sell em somewhere.
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