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OK here's what sucks:

Numero Uno: If you straight up want to kill your site, don't use existing APIs and force people to create a new & separate log in rather than leveraging existing credentials from Twitter, FB, etc. The more clicks & sign-up sheets you put in their way, the fewer of them will ever do it.

Two: Every other month, someone else has this exact same idea: "Let's make a snowboard community website!" and it always flops. Hell, look at that's a site that IMO had great potential, has (or had?) a good number of participants, but it fucking sucks for a lot of reasons and it is basically dead because of shitty implementation. I'm not saying you're going to crash and burn like everyone else, but you're going to need to do it better & faster than everyone else if you want to have a chance.

Thrice: You come on a forum with several hundred (or thousand???) active members and try to direct us to what is, essentially, a rival product, albeit an upstart one. What you're looking for, well, it's ALREADY HERE. So what you can't "tag" your friends on the forum. Who cares? You're going to have to do 1,000% better than this forum (and others like it) to get even a fraction of the loyal readers to frequent an upstart site; it's a major uphill battle.

I'm not trying to be a dick about it them's just the straight up facts.

Something I would like to see: A site that is not just a pro/am video aggregator. Honestly, if you're at all in tune with the world you get bombarded with every pro teams edit's and teasers and I get sick of seeing them the last thing I want to see is all the same fucking videos on yet-another-site-I-log-in-to-everyday.
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