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Default A snowboarder is a deranged fool...who will...

From this thread

Originally Posted by sobrob View Post
It would be cool to do a start a thread with this question and your format and have people add, one line at a time and you can only post after someone else has gone would be a great rule. I bet we would come up with a few pages of great stuff.
Originally Posted by wrathfuldeity View Post
A snowboarder is a deranged fool.
Who will sacrifice the warmth of hearth, softness of a woman and a belly of fine food.
Who will steal the opportunity to snake his best friend’s line.
Who will suffer ridicule of family and friend for his antics.
Who will disappear into each single endless moment.
Who will whoop, holler and giggle while careening toward certain death.
Who wills secretly, a death…riding free and wild.
Who will, upon death, reply…”who has truly lived but a fool?"
So add a line that starts with "Who will..."
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