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Originally Posted by ThunderChunky View Post
Also is the guy alive. There is a good chance he is ok since the truck hit the passenger side. TP hit a tree at 120 and he was just fine so crazier things have happened.
Hitting a tree is much different. The car can deccelerate more gradually as it deforms around the tree. A head on collision (especially with a truck) is much different because the impulse is so high. You can clearly see the truck plows through after the collision moving at at least 30 mph. The car was initially traveling at over 45mph right before impact. That means he accelerated from 45mph to (-)30mph during the duration of the actual impact, which was probably less than a tenth of a second, conservatively. That would be something like 1100ft/s^2, or to put that in perspective, enough to accelerate a body to rest from over 750mph in only one second or nearly 35 G's. That is almost certainly lethal.
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