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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
I drive a semi for a living and while this was clearly a freak accident based on weather and a loss of control, you guys would not believe the stupid shit people do in front of trucks. When loaded, up here in the PNW we run extended weight loads and I am at 105,500 pounds which is 25,000 pounds heavier than your standard 18 wheeler and I am not hauling lumber; I am hauling 11,300 gallons of gasoline!

I will have people race around me then dive in front of me front the left lane at 65 MPH and dynamite the brakes to make their exit because they just could not stand being behind the truck for 10 extra seconds to exit safely. People will pull right out in front of me on solid ice and then stop to turn left.

People just do not fully appreciate what it takes to stop a fully loaded semi and I wish that they would cover this more in driver`s education so people would understand that operating around one is very much like driving near a train (of course they do stupid shit in front of trains too). This video should be played in every driver`s education course so people see in graphic detail what a semi does to even a full sized pickup.

I have been driving these rigs for 22 years now and logged nearly 2 million miles and have never been involved in a wreck and I hope I never do. With the way people drive it is a constant challenge to avoid them and I cannot get through a single shift without some form of traffic incident as a result of inattentive or aggressive driving.

Here is a classic example of an idiot in a car initiating an accident involving a truck:

Not to be cold, and I'm definitely not, but your post reminds me of Darwin awards. I get more cautious around those big trucks, not less. Some people are just stupid.

EDIT: Reminds me of a wreck I watched here in San Diego. Semi is going down the freeway minding their own business. A car comes flying onto the freeway from an on ramp from another freeway. But instead of staying in the merging lane, the idiot driver flies across all 4 lanes. The semi was in lane #3, and jerks his truck to avoid the car but in the end, the semi ends up on its side and slides into the rail.

Driver, ok. Semi driver. Dead.

Fucked up.

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