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Review: Smith Prophecy Turbo Fan

Heres my review of the smith prophecy turbo fan

This past weekend, me and a couple friends took a trip to killington mountain. For those of you who dont know how the weather was like this weekend, it was in the 60s and sunny. It was in the 40s during the early morning, and the bottom half of the mountain was under the fog. The top half was nice and sunny. As the day progressed, the whole mountain cleared up and it was in the 60 by noon time.

I wear glasses (oakley tumbler) and like you glasses wearers out there, goggles love making glasses fog. I had oakley goggles before and it had such terrible foggging problems that i cut up the foam around the glasses to make "exhaust vents". This mod did help some, but still resulted in fogging. I tried aplying rain x antifog on my eyeglasses lens, and that "mod" helped a bit more, until my body heat goes up enough that my face is heating up too which resulted in fogging again. The rain x did help get rid of the fog when i take my goggles off.

I was getting frustrated about my whole fogging problem and i was considering buying the new oakley airbrake, which has open vents on the side also. I thought this would help, until i realized that it offers no benefit to my currently "modded" oakley splice.

When i heard about the turbo fan series from smith, i was skeptical at first but i decided to try it anyway. The prophecy is the OTG model, which is basically a regular goggle with a "cut" on the side platic pieces which allows the eyeglasses arms to fit perfectly, allowing the goggle to fit over.

All i can say is WOW. Even in 60 degree weather, that turbo fan set on high, which is run by 1 AAA, prevented fogging on my glasses all day long. A single battery lasted me a whole 8 hr day on high setting, with more to spare. It was so great that the only time i took my goggles off was during the lifts for some fresh air for my eyes and lunch break. The blue sensor mirror lens were also great to keep my eyes from fatigue due to the sun. I am a true believer of this turbo fan tech on goggles


If you wear eyeglasses under you goggles and have fogging problems, the turbo fan OTG series from smith is the way to go. Not only does it have great protection from the sun, the fan really does a great job with fog prevention, even on a 60degree weather day. If it can keep fog from happening on such a hot day, it will excell even more on a colder day. I will definitely purchase again if ever needed

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