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Default Longboard or Freeboard?

Alright y'all, i need some help. I am looking to try either longboarding or freeboarding to stay on some type of board this summer. I have been snowboarding for quite some time but I have never skated in my life. I have heard pros and cons for each type of board, so I am not sure which one I want to go with. My area is fairly hilly, so that wouldn't be a problem for the freeboard, and I am generally leaning in that direction since it can supposedly give you a very buttery feeling that is similar to snowboarding. I am not trying to do anything really crazy with it because I don't want to do some dumb shit and risk fucking up my snow season. I am just looking to do some hill carving and that kind of thing. So, any opinions on this subject? I would be much obliged.
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