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Originally Posted by MGD81 View Post
Well for starters, Beaver Creek the way it is laid out has never been a huge hotbed for crime. Secondly, instructors are always leaving boards unattended for various reasons, locking it every day every time you leave your board is a pain in the arse - especially when you are on somebody else's time. This person knew what they were stealing, a thin wire lock probably wouldn't have been that much of a detterent.

Should he have left it in better view on the busiest weekend of the year? probably. Does that give a scumbag the right to steal it? Definitely not.

Like I said, the board meant a lot to him, and there aren't many of these things around, if you see anything, let me know.
How much pain in the arse was it to recover stolen board though? Well, maybe not much in your case as you lucked out this time by running into said thief.

While a thin wire lock is not durable enough to protect the board from a determined thief, it is usually enough as there are tons of other unlocked boards around. Not having any lock makes it that much easier. Also, who says you have to use a thin wire lock? Use the biggest chain if you want. Just leave the chain locked at the rack and use it when needed rather than carrying it the whole time.

A lock does not take much time to use at all. Not enough for any student to care I would assume unless they are a supremely spoiled brat who demands every single second of your time.

Sorry, I always have to be the Debbie downer with these stolen board cases. Just look at this very forums. So many people losing their boards because they left it unprotected and out-of-sight even for a moment. How many cases do you hear from people that even used thin wire locks posting about stolen boards?

Yes, anyone who steals is a flaming pile of raccoon poo. But I have to ask you guys, why make it that much easier for that poo to steal your setup, especially one that is yet-to-be released? At the very least, leave it propped up by a window even if you aren't sitting at the table behind that window.

PS, very happy that your bud got the board back. But hopefully he takes more precautions to secure that board now. Reviews and David Z's rants
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