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Yeah the kid got arrested, his initial story was that he bought it from someone. A couple of hours at the station and some video surveillance evidence later and he finally admitted to stealing it. The guy was clearly an idiot, who takes a 1 of a kind snowboard then rides it at the same mountain.

As far as beatings go, I have to be careful - im only a resident and any issues with police does not look good when I come to renew that residency. I thought it better to use my noggin a bit and let the authorities deal with it. As it stands he is in pretty deep shit, if I had kicked his ass and taken the board, he probably could have used that against me, plus we would never have proven he stole it.

Vail resorts public safety were involved in the bust, so you can be pretty sure that he will be homeless and jobless in the very near future. I haven't seen the guy around the beav all season, so he must work at vail - someone mentioned they had seen him working at two elk.
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