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2011/2012 Accomplishments

I know every summer I dream about what I'm going to learn, or try and get out and do and this year was exceptional for me in that department. What did you set out to do? What were your biggest accomplishments?

I'm 34 and I have been riding for 24 years, but I really didnt ride that much from 21-30. The last few years I have really pushed back into it and I've also been getting back into park, hitting boxes and 10-15' jumps etc. Last year I hit my first "big jump" at the end of the season. 25' step down at Louise... I know its not huge but I dont hink anyone thats not pro is going to disagree that once your over 25' its a big jump, especially when your 12' in the air. Anyways, I hit it... but I was a bit freaked. Knowing that I wasn't going ot be able to get to the mountains much this year most of my goals were in the park:

1. hit jumps over 25' with confidence
2. hit a street style rail
3. learn BS & FS boards on a box
4. dial in my 3's and try to get to 5's.
5. dont get hurt
6. get my gf out and linking turns better

Well, the local parks are closing and saturday will be my last day other than at least one more trip to the mountains (Jasper) and I am happy to say, I exceeded every one of my goals.

1. Did a back 1 off a 25" stepdown (the park rats call it a 40' but I'm not stupid, its 25' lol) I was pretty pumped about this, I might do a 3 off it saturday which doesn't scare me, if I can do a 180 I can do a back 3... they are easier I was just saving that celebration for a nother day. My goal was to hit it with confidence, and to spin off it was just that much better.

2. Not only did I hit them, I did BS boards, FS & BS 50/50's and some 180 out.

3. Dialed on the boxes both ways and took to some street rails.

4. BS 3's on lockdown with any grab I want, FS 3's most of the time but only Indy and Melon.

5. havent had anything more than a bruise all year, and maybe a sore wrist but not bad. (I should have wrote this after the season ended lol)

6. shes doing great, skidded turns are becoming nice s turns and carves, but shes still very nervous and a bit stiff. She hit a couple ride on boxes though!

As you can tell I'm pretty pumped about my year even know I wasn't in the mountains much.. and I know I'm not pro and those may not be hard tricks, but at my age the learning comes slow and things seems scarier haha!

Your turn! What did you set out to do? How did it go?
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