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First, props on your company philosophy and identifying yourself rather than being just a faceless entity. Coming here just to plug your own product generally isn't looked upon kindly, but I think you gave enough of a personal exposure that everything is legit.

Anyway, I like the idea I could get a semi-tech softshell hoodie customized. I would suggest expanding the current color catalog. Some of the designs you show on the custom page I would definitely buy, like the 45 degree plaid green.

Another idea, and one I think you could probably use to sell a hoodie to every single person on this site (at least that are active members) is to take a look at this thread:

They designed what is essentially an logo to make a vinyl diecut. If you asked those guys who designed it if they might be interested in collaborating with you to make custom hoodies with that logo on it, I bet they would sell like meth behind a strip club.
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