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I was living in LA for awhile working at a starbucks and doing stand up comedy at night. one day I said fuck it and left for colorado. when getting picked up at the airport my roommate and long time friend told me that the guy we were renting from had a heroin addiction, but he was going to be clean cause my buddy talked him into quiting his job as a car salesman and he would be too broke to buy drugs. WTF was my response. Heroin addicts will not stop herion if they run out of money. Basically I lived in Dillon Valley for 2 weeks with the junkie. One day I was locked out and pounding on the door. He was just sitting there spaced out while I was screaming at him to open the door/ it was time to leave i was ready to kick this kids ass. My other roomie and I were going to buy a trailor and park it on national forest land, when I remembered that there are cabins in the woods that not a lot of people go to. so we went camping in the coldest part of this winter early-mid december. One night my roomie woke me up and told me that he was cold. I gently told him "Put wood on the fire you pussy." When light hit I looked at him and he was grey looking suffering from hypothermia, we left the cabin to find something a little warmer... his car. I lived in a car and had a fucking roommate, once a cop found us and could not believe two people were sleeping in a car. Currently I live in a nice pad and i dont smell like a wild animal. This was a crazy part of my life that took some years off of it. I have one picture of the cabin and I but im not sure if im ready to post nudes of myself.
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