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Sorry for your injury. I tore my ACL playing basketball in September and had my ACL surgery Oct 15, 2011. I told my PT to push me during therapy and I did everything they wanted me to do and more. Was discharged from PT 2 months post surgery and did a gym workout since then. I unfortunetly had to cancel a Dec and Jan trip but I was able to get my doctor to clear me to ride for my trip this week to Vail. Today was actually my first day riding since surgery. Rode for about 4 hours before my knee told me it had enough. Do not push your knee when you come back, most people take about 2 years to feel 100% back to normal after the surgery. If your insurance will cover it make sure to get a Don Joy Brace. I used mine today riding and it definetly helps. Good Luck with your Recovery.
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