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Originally Posted by CheeseForSteeze View Post
On the rail you kind of look a bit Tin Man. Fluidity will come with time because as you get comfortable from practice, you'll relax more etc. Maybe hit them a little slower? You seem to be fighting for balance.

No frontside spins? If you can chuck back 3's of a wedge that big (looks like 25+ foot?), you should be able to spin frontside, too. I (personally) make a mental checklist and make sure to hit a few frontside and backside stuff every time on the hill because I have the tendency to whore certain tricks which limits my improvement in other areas. I've just worked it into my warmup routine and I switch it up. I know, making a checklist for snowboarding sounds lame, and it kind of is, but it helps me make sure I'm not limiting my freestyle riding to only certain things. Might work for you.

I know mute it's an easy grab when going backside, but switching it up might be a good idea. Also, on your second backside 1, I notice you tried to grab really early and immediately had to bail, looked more unstable than your other 1's (which looked legit) and you ended up biffing on the knuckle. I think you are trying to grab before you are really set up and it screwed up your takeoff which is why you looked unstable and crashed. Don't rush the grab.

The last thing I noticed is you kind of flail when opening up and releasing the grab landing your back 3's. I don't think there's anything you can do for this, just keep hitting those and it'll naturally clean itself up as you get really used to it.

I hope this doesn't come off as harsh because overall your riding is very solid and you have a good base to expand on. I would imagine next year you'll be chucking 540 rodeos, 7's and doing some gnarly rail stuff so keep it up!
I feel as stiff on rails as I look, its just not my comfort zone. I hit boxes, tubes and street style rails but I just need to do more of it, this year was the first time hitting anything other than a flat box.

As for FS - I can do FS 3's, just not as well so I leave them on the 15 footers for now... last thing I need at my age is a big crash off a 25.... when I feel confident with them I'll move them to the bigger jump.

I do switch up the grabs quite a bit actually, just today I was trying to work on my timing off the bigger jump and didn't want the grab to be a part of the thought process, hence mute all day lol. Definitely can try and be more patient with the grabs, it doesn't feel rushed but I can see it on the tape.

The flail on landing - my biggest disgust with this footy... I really reach for the landing with my feet and throw my arms up. I think I need to hold my grab longer and just stay compressed... I'll have to watch some videos of guys like Mark Mcmorris and Seb Toots... these guys are so compressed the whole time.

I did't take any of this as harsh, If I was worried about that I wouldn't put it on here. I appreciate the honesty and the input... I want to get better not stay the same.

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