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Act like a Kid , Karate Kid

Do at your own risk
The fear is pain in a fall, lack of control, undesirable speed.

Break it down into components. Mixie is right about falling. Also I found I fall more and harder on the flat area then steeper, it is like riding a bike very very slowly, go too slow and you fall. I don't like wrist braces because it teaches you it is okay to fall open handed and twisting on it.

On dry ground improve core/stomach muscles mental exercise

1) Jump up and pull your knees to your stomach, not feet to butt . try one leg at a time - the pulling up of your knee is going to teach you how to be light on your feet, also land softly in control and quietly. If you play basketball, think double pump. You will jump off your toes and land on your toes. Why- Sometime you might be driving the toe edge for a hard carve or panic braking on ice, when you board skips, jumps, slides, starts to get away from you, like when you hit a hard ice patch. Usually what will happen is , there is no more resistance on the board and your body becomes fully extended and you fall. Instead try pulling your board back to save it , or tuck into the fetal position. You may not understand it but your muscles will figure it out. The landing light on your feet will have you "save it"

2) Calf stretch toe lifts.

3) maintain your PT drills,

4) Although bad, stretch your neck , look over your left shoulder

Learn to Fall

-Throw a bunch of pillows and blankets on your bed, stand knee straight and fall face first, you can try to catch yourself with your arms - This is catching your front edge and face planting.

-Now try as you fall bend at your waist bend your knees fall think fetal position, hug yourself and try to impact with a larger surface area of your body. upper arm, shoulder. Sure could dislocate something but you could also break an arm , or get a spiral forearm fracture catching yourself.

-Try it backwards - like Loosing your heel edge ,"heel staking", falling up hill, or worse catching heel edge down hill , head plant backwards, you bell will be rung, so avoid it.

-Now try as you fall tuck, chest to knees and roll with it, there is a falling technique of using your arms surface area to disperse the energy, maybe you can find a youtube video, it is taught in martial arts.

Now you know how to fall lesson learned, never hit the ground fully extended, it hurts.

Confidence knowing it wont hurt as much it part of the fear.

Foot work - for now your left foot leads and your right foot follows or doing the opposite , this opposite action will change as you get faster. sit on the couch feet on the floor put some of your weight on your feet. lift your toes and go one your heels, move just your left toes down and lift your left heel (turn initiated) , hold a second ( board now pointing down hill) now do the same with the right foot ( riding toe edge now ). Now put your left heel down and lift your toes, and have your left foot follow. You are doing s-turns now. Keep doing it, The opposite motion will help prevent catching the down hill edge. You won't be actually steering with your just your feet, but it is the opposing action you are learning, to prevent edge catching.

Now stand , you are now on your board. if you try to steer by leaning forward , you will fall on your face, if you try to lean back, you will fall on the couch, so no leaning. Think karate kid your right leg is your bad leg, you can't put weight on it , you don't have to lift your arms in the air. If you put too much weight on your uphill foot, gravity will turn it into the downhill foot. Hop up and down on just your left, this is your dominant leg.

Daniel san - remember your right leg is bad, learn to do a forward roll, try it, you'll see your left legs bend , weight goes to the ball of your left foot , bend at your waist , hand hits the ground, weight is off your right leg ,top of your shoulder hits , and you tumble, if you do it slowly and stop at the point when you reach for the ground, but still balanced on your feet, this is your toe edge turn.

Now imagine, you are bout to sit a a chair but you are unsure if it is strong enough, so you slowly bend without totally committing to sit, you still have a bad right leg. If you get to the point where you actually sit down, then you would have fallen on the snow, so remember weight is aways on your feet.

To break, after the board points down hill, your right let will follow, now add more weight as it follows the left foot , and the board will stop.
Now gain the confidence knowing you can slow down if you get too fast.

Now for the mountain. whenever you ride an edge , try to over exaggerate and lift the other edge, you will do this by bending your knees.

Now point the board down hill, try the forward roll motion and sit on the chair drill, It is not the speed that you are scared of , but the stopping , you will quickly develop your stopping and turning stills.

I have very low ankle flexibility, so for me to get low, I have to bend at the waist or create heel lift.

Probably the longest post in my life.

good luck
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