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Default Results from this past Sunday

[Reposting my experience on Sunday with a new thread for visibility]

Alright, just got back from Cypress Mountain near Vancouver BC.

Here is what I tried and the results:
1) Developed a feel for a 60-40 weight distribution on flat ground in order to try to reproduce it on the slope.
2) Grabbed my pants at the front knee while on the slope. This helped a lot in keeping my weight centered or forward (but I still leaned backwards on a steeper green; more on that later)
3) Did toe-side falling leaves as Snowolf suggested on the top (steeper) part of the run. I definitely need more time on the toe-edge. Feet start to burn very quickly.
4) On the middle of the run I did heel-side garlands
5) On the lower part of the run, I linked turns. After two goes like this, I was able to link turns from the top of the run!

After the lunch break, my fiance and I went on a steeper green run. I had some challenges here. The run is very narrow (Panorama @ Cypress) so I had difficulty making toeside turns because I was afraid of falling off the side of the run! I also had more trouble keeping my weight forward/centered because the is steeper than the "Easy Rider" run I was doing before. Also, Panorama was much icier due to the higher traffic.

Additional questions/sticking points: I noticed that my toe edge takes longer/more pressure to engage than my heel edge. My theories are one or more of the following.

1) Either my weight is still not forward enough. On the easier green, I don't think this was the case today
2) Or I'm not bending the front knee enough/not rotating it inwards enough
3) Or maybe there's something wrong with the edging on my board? My board is five years old now but I've hardly ridden it so I doubt this is the case but I've also not taken good care of it and some of the metal on the edge is slightly rusted.
4) I find it near impossible to make a toe-side turn on hard-packed snow that is almost ice; the edge is not able to grab hold and then I freak out thatI'm not turning, end up leaning too much to try to make the board turn, and then fall.

I tried the cowboy technique that Snowolf suggested on some turns but haven't integrated it in fully yet.

What do you guys think?
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